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What is the wobbler?

Wobbler is a type of POS products, which is an advertising carrier, and is mounted on the shelves, store shelves and showcases with the help of plastic feet. Due to the elasticity of the material a wobbler constantly slightly swaying, and thus attracted the attention of visitors.

Species of wobblers

In the production of wobblers used various forms, but the design of wobblers can be divided into two types:

  • Standard – wobbler with one layer of the image;

  • Dual – wobbler with two layers, one of which is attached behind the basic, and usually is smaller.

For what purpose are used?

Swaying, bright and colorful wobbler by its movement attracts people. With this product, you can easily pay attention to the company, which goods or discounts it advertises. This sales gimmick is compared with the bait, as the title says "wobbler".


The key moment of creation is the presence of the logo of the company and placing it in the desired area with maximum efficiency. Then it will be attractive and well remembered.

Producing and printing wobblers

To manufacture a wobbler used such materials:

  • The paper of high density;

  • Coated paperboard;

  • Plastic.

Wobblers consists of two elements – the image itself and the plastic leg.

Of what is made each of the elements?

  1. If the wobbler is printed on paper or cardboard, it undergoes additional processing - to improve the quality and strength of the wobbler it is laminated or lacquered. Then sent to cutting, i.e. giving it a definite form. Rarely used wobblers of standard shapes such as round, oval or square. Such forms attracting less people, so the products give interesting shapes. For example, it may be silhouette of what is shown.

  2. The plastic leg, on which the wobbler is made of transparent plastic, sufficiently flexible and thin. Its standard sizes are 10*100 – 10*150 mm, but if it is necessary they can be changed. If the material of a wobbler or its size gives it more weight, you can use plastic thicker and longer – All these options will select specialists. On both ends of the legs attached sided adhesive tape or foam.

Plastic lures

Using wobblers as advertising is gaining more and more popularity. And it's not just so – such a product will successfully advertise your company or product. Create wobblers of any complexity you can in AA "ArtMaster".

And our designers will create for you a form, which will be effective to attract attention. On the site you can view the prices and order printing of wobblers.