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Director of advertising agency "Art Master" sure: love for their work - is a guarantee of success.

Bilyanets Anatoly began his way with the usual enthusiasm. Probably everyone has dreamed that his favorite hobby is generated revenues, but not everyone is able to believe that from a simple passion can build a successful business.

Today Anatoly is a director of famous printing company "Art Master", engaged in the development of design and printing of promotional products.

- I love to draw since childhood. Friends often recall how together we washed school desks from my arts - says Anatoly. - At that time, my mom did not have the financial ability to purchase a computer for me, that is why my first introduction to computer graphics held at Polytechnic University. I purposely stayed late after the lectures on "computer center" and studied Photoshop. By the fourth year grandmother presented me a computer and I was seriously engaged in graphics. Mom, of course, was against it. Said, they say, wants to teach something more useful.

But Anatoly still remained faithful to his favorite occupation. He has worked for several years as a designer in advertising agencies. Many projects are still used his first customers.

- Working as a designer I studied the technique of co-operation with the customer, direct manufacturing processes promotional products, meet and socialize with interesting people doing the necessary conclusions for themselves.

Five yaers ago Anatoly decided - it's time to start own business. And here's the first of September 2006 began its work AA "ART master" in the advertising market of Zhytomyr.

-From the first day, having been engaged in this business, I realized - this is mine. I plunged into advertising, as they say, with the head. Advertising for me - this is the real creativity, new acquaintances, mass communication and great pleasure from my beloved work.

Start his own business, Anatoliy had not only to express themselves creatively, but also to engage in a completely uncreative things - be both a designer and sales manager and even an accountant. Although, as he confessed, it was not a "heavy burden" on the road to success.

- I think, is not a big deal to combine creativity and business. You just have to work and, most importantly, to love your work. If a man does what he likes, he is "doomed" for success.

During five years, Anatoliy's creative business actively developed and today the "Art Master"  studio is in great demand.

-To create a successful business, we need professionals. I'm glad there are such people in my team: talented designers, charming office managers, hardworking installers, great sales manager. And the biggest plus - warm and friendly relations in our team.

Every day the popularity of advertising agency "Art Master" increases. Even despite the crisis, the agency retains its leading position in the advertising market. Its client list is constantly updated, and not only Ukrainian companies, but also foreign.

- "ART master" - not the company, who lives only for today - claims Bilyanets Anatoly. - We are focused on long-term partnerships. Customer's needs always come first. And if you need our help, we are always ready to answer "Yes", forgetting about working hours. Everything is simple: do what you promised, and do it well the first time. Customer who remains satisfied advertising campaign never will change their partner. Therefore, only the stability and operation of the future may be proportional to the popularity and success.

But the greatest achievement Anatoly considers his happy family: his beloved wife and small daughter. Because wholehearted and warmupright and spiritual support, family well-being - this is an important aspect of success.