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Advertising world-renowned profi Alfred Blank has visited Zhitomir

Alfred Blank and agency

Recently the one of the founders of the International advertising agency"FCB /BK&P» Alfred Blank has visited Zhitomir.

Worldwide known specialist has visited our city for the first time thank's to the invitation of one of the leading advertising agencies Zhytomyr "ART master".

Alfred Blanc - a man who worked on the development of such brands as Nissan, Toyota, Kmart, Nivea, Oreo and many others.

Alfred has deeply interested in Zhitomir and creative development of those who are born in the Advertising Agency "Art Master". On both sides there was a desire to move toward cooperation, collaborative learning, the development of new technologies. Director AA "Art Master" Anatoly Bilyanets introduced Alfred Blanc with our city, the history of the agency "Art Master". Guest from abroad spent a week in Zhitomir with advertising specialists in close cooperation, discussed a number of interesting topics, analyzing global trends in advertising and ways of applying them in Zhitomir.

Employees of AA "Art Master" by association with the advertising guru optimized workflow and gained new knowledge in the field of working with clients and developing their brands.

According to the Alfred Blanc words the present time requires creative advertising that carries not only useful, but also interesting information has a specific shape and leaves a "pleasant aftertaste" to people. Each promotional product should be a small masterpiece, a work of art that, in addition to practical use, and still bears the aesthetic pleasure.

Designers AA "Art Master" time working towards making contemporary, creative advertising, introducing the best in the world trends. That is why the exchange of experience with international professionals for AA is "Art Master" is a norm. Alfred Blanc appreciated the high level of professionalism designers of AA "Art Master" band highlighted the level of service and genuine love of Zhytomyr citizens for their work.

The meeting with the agency Alfred Blank The staff of the RA

Its impossible to build a grand palace for a few days. As well as it is impossible to shoe a flea in a few seconds. Quality advertising today - it's a long scrupulous process of honing details. Because the genius of the world is hidden in the details. Qualitative design requires time-consuming. Cheaply and quickly - does not mean quality.

Alfred Blanc demonstrated that the secret of success in their Western advertisers deliberateness, famous pedantry, faultfinding and careful approach to every detail. It is this careful approach to every new project is practiced in AA "Art Master". And the agency's clients are witnessing the birth of masterpieces.